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What are varicose veins?

It’s very common condition that affects one in ten people.
Veins that are twisted and painful. They can cause cramping as well as a dull and heavy feeling in the legs.
If you have these symptom, there is a possibility you have varicose veins.

There are valves in veins that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction.
If the valves are not working properly, blood will accumulate in the legs.
This blood congestion can cause leg cramps, swelling, and a dull pain.
It’s not life threatening, but it can be unsightly and even cause ulcers.
Risk factors include being female, aging, family history, and working jobs that require constant standing such as: hair stylists, cooks, and service workers.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins symptoms

Dullness, heavy leg cramps, swelling, visible bulging, twisted veins, eczema, ulcers, darkening

Although varicose veins cannot be cured naturally, it is not a malignant condition.
We treat all patients in keeping with their conditions and requirements.

Dullness, heavy leg cramps, swelling, visible bulging, twisted veins

  • Visible bulging

    Visible bulging

  • Heavy leg cramps

    Heavy leg cramps

  • Swelling


Eczema, ulcers, darkening



Web reticular type spider veins

Web reticular type spider veins

Web reticular type spider veins

About treatment

Intravascular(endovascular) catheter treatment

It takes about 30~60 minutes.
It is a one day procedure.
Hospital admission is not required.
Fast recovery and non-invasive.

Intravascular(endovascular) catheter treatment
  • Radiofrequency, Endovenous laser

    Radiofrequency, Endovenous laser

    Heat generated from radiofrequency or laser targets and hardens varicose veins causing the backflow to stop.

  • VenaSeal


    Medical glue is injected into the varicose veins. You do not need to wear the elastic socks after the procedure.

    *No flight restrictions.


The sclerotherapy agent is injected into the varicose veins.
Potential side effects include skin discoloration that can last for up to one year.


YAG laser

We eradicate web type or reticular type varicose veins with a YAG laser.

YAG laser

Elastic socks

These elastic socks help blood circulation. The burden on the legs is reduced by wearing elastic socks.

Elastic socks
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