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Insurance medical treatment, operation

type Bear 10% of medical fees
(Limit of 18,000yen)
first visit + echograph 1,000 yen
first visit + echograph + blood sample 3,000 yen
sclerotherapy one leg 5,500 yen
both legs 7,200 yen

Elastic socks

type length price (tax included)
high socks below the knee 4,400 yen
over-knee socks above the knee 5,500 yen
tights up to the lower back 5,500 yen

*If you have already taken your measurements once at our clinic, you can purchase elastic socks by bank transfer.
In this case, an additional postage fee will be charged. Please contact us by e-mail or phone, so that we can provide you with the bank transfer details.

YAG laser for web type or reticular type varicose vein

type range price (tax included)
web type or reticular type 3cm×5cm 4,400 yen(tape price, 110 yen each, is not included)

*Please note that the fee for the first irradiation must be paid together at the time of the initial consultation.
* At the initial consultation, we will discuss the area to be irradiated and provide you with an anesthetic tape if you wish.
The fee will vary depending on the area covered by the number of tapes provided. A maximum limit of 6 tapes can be used in one treatment.

Medical hair removal

area (both right and left) price (tax included) remarks
under knee 13,200 yen including toe, not including knee
above knee 13,200 yen not including knee
under elbow 13,200 yen including finger, not including elbow
above elbow 13,200 yen not including elbow
knee 3,300 yen -
elbow 3,300 yen -
under one's arm 3,300 yen -
finger and back (hand or leg) 3,300 yen -
the set price for 3 times in 1 area 10% off per 1 treatment -

* We will discuss the area to be irradiated and the number of irradiations at the counseling session. If you are new to medical hair removal or if you are not sure, please feel free to contact us.

-about the set price-
・Those who apply for the set fee must pay the full amount at the first session.
・Please note that once payment has been made, no refunds or reductions will be made during the program.
・The validity period is 2 years from the first treatment.

Facial hair removal

area price (tax included) for 1 time price (tax included) for 5 times
facial hair
choose 3 facial areas
9,900 yen 39,600 yen
premium course
full face not including neck
14,300 yen 57,200 yen
area price (tax included) for 1 time price (tax included) for 5 times
under nose 3,300 yen -
cheeks 3,300 yen -
sideburns 3,300 yen -
chin 3,300 yen -
under chin 3,300 yen -
neck 5,500 yen -

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 Diagnosis 〇 Procedure  
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  • It is recommended to book in advance by phone or online.
  • For new patients, please have your coverage and medical information on hand.
  • Clinic schedule and hours are subject to change. Please confirm via phone.
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Please book ahead to reduce wait times as much as possible.

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